sábado, 17 de maio de 2008

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Let Go

I don’t know
What hurts more in me
Is it to know it was all a lie?
Or is it to know that will never be?

You broke my heart
I look at photos and I recall
I believed in your words
And you teared us apart

Please would you leave now?
Let it survive only the laughs
I wanna go back
But you put us so down

My eyes are dry, finally
Now I can sleep
I feel sorry for you
And all the things you put us through

I feel weak though
‘Cause I gave you so much of me
You just didn’t do the same,
I’ll never be this blue again

I’m sorry it ended this way
We had so much to live
I thought you would be always here
But now you gotta be away

Let us live happy without you
We tried to let you know
How much we love you so
Sorry again, but I’m gonna go.

por Mari Bruno


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